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WKG Law Hip Replacement Cases

Hip Replacement Cases

Hip replacements are a surgical procedure where the diseased part of the hip is replaced with new artificial parts. This is done to help individuals with mobility, hip function and to relieve pain. Unfortunately, in the last several years, there have been numerous recalls for hip device implants due to faulty devices and/or metal on metal devices. These devices release metal into the body which can damage the bones and tissues surrounding the hip joint. These faulty devices also cause loose implants or loss of mobility, inflammation, infection, and even damage to the heart, kidneys, thyroids, and nervous system. A revision of the hip replacement is required due to metallosis and the damage it has caused.

There are several manufactures that have manufactured metal on metal hip replacements and have sold these replacements to orthopedic doctors in order to be put into their patients. All of these manufacturers who have the metal on metal hips have potential product liability claims arising out of the metal that is released into the blood stream and for other complications surrounding these metal on metal hips.

We handle all types of hip replacement cases including but not limited to: Stryker, Zimmer, Wright Medical Technology, BioMet, Smith & Nephew, and DePuy. These are often times referred to as defective hip implants.

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