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Land Condemnation

WKG Law Land Condemnation

Land Condemnation

As you are well aware, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has selected your area to build the multi-lane, Monroe Connector bypass. During this time in the process, the State has, or will be, negotiating with many of you a price for land they will seize to develop this road. The State will use their experts and appraisers to determine a value they think is fair for your property.

What you may not realize is that if you’re not satisfied with the value they’re offering for your land, you can do something about it.

Many of your neighbors have not been satisfied with the amount being offered by the State for their land — some of which has been in their family for generations. These neighbors have sought the expertise of our firm, based right here in Union County, to represent their interests and investment against the State.

Although completion of the Monroe Connector is several years away, now is a critical time to ensure you get the absolute best value for your property. You’ll only get one chance to get this right — and perhaps years of regret if you sell short. The State has their team of valuation experts and lawyers, it’s only reasonable that someone should represent your best interest.

We are a local law firm. We’ve been here for 20 years. We know the area. We’re helping your neighbors. If you’re interested in our help, contact our office at 704-296-0055. We can set up a meeting to answer your questions and address your concerns. (There is no fee to meet with us.)

Time is of the essence in these proceedings. Call us today to set up your appointment.

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