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Ag-Gag Bill Puts Elderly and Children at Risk

Watch William’s Interview on the new bill that puts our elderly and children at risk.
As a firm that represents families in nursing home and daycare center abuse cases, the recent “ag-gag” law passed in the legislature sends a chilling message to the public — We’re going to protect our businesses at the expense of truth, honesty and well-being of the elderly and children. The bill, initially vetoed by Governor McCrory, eventually passed and is causing unintended consequences for employees in nursing homes and daycare centers who want to report abuse. The law, which started out directed to agriculture, states that employees could be sued for breaching the “duty of loyalty” to their employer, and be liable for $5,000 for each day they are found in breach, court costs, and any actual damages caused by the breach.

“Our greatest concern is that this bill stifles an employee’s ability to report events they believe compromise the care of our elderly and children for fear of losing their job, or paying an excessive fine,” said, attorney William Goldfarb.

There are only 5 other states that have similar laws on the books. Here’s what some of our newspapers have said about this chilling legislation.
 The Charlotte Observer: “One would think that lawmakers would clamp down on illegal activity at businesses. Instead, they are clamping down on those who would expose it.”
 Fayetteville Observer: “Do we really want to give unscrupulous businesses extra protection? This bill richly deserves the governor’s veto pen.”
 The News & Observer, Raleigh: “This bill responds to no need other than to protect businesses that should be embarrassed by their activities. It would protect the strong from the helpless.

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