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Nursing Home Negligence

WKG Law Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence

The Law Offices of William K. Goldfarb seeks justice & truth for elderly people who are abused or neglected in nursing homes, nursing or assisted living facilities.

In the United States today, there are over thirty-six million people above the age of 65. According to statistics, many will need some form of assisted living, whether it is a nursing home, assisted living facility or other elderly facility. Due to the fact that long-term care for the elderly is typically extremely expensive (well over $5,000 per month in many areas), the vast majority of residents go through most, if not all, of their assets in a matter of months and then become eligible for federal Medicaid benefits. Indeed, the cost of over 90% of nursing home residents is paid by Medicaid. As such, almost all nursing home facilities receive Medicaid funds. According to the best available estimates, between 1 and 2 million Americans, age 65 or older have been abused in some way or another. Nursing home residents have patient rights and certain protections under the law.


An elderly woman was admitted to a nursing home for long term care after being diagnosed with dementia. Shortly after her admittance to the nursing home, she was rushed to the hospital suffering from a severely fractured right hip. The nursing home claimed that the elderly lady fell on her own, causing her own accident. Family of the elderly woman, leery of the nursing homes account of the accident ask the elderly lady if she could remember how she had come to injure her hip. The elderly woman told them that a staff member of the nursing home pushed her down. A subsequent investigation by the Department of Social Services revealed the injury to be a result of “caretaker neglect.”


This case was settled prior to filing a lawsuit for a confidential amount.

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