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Environmental Law

WKG Law Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Associated with The Duggan Law Firm

Environmental Law covers a wide range of issues, and when you’re dealing with them, you need an Environmental Attorney who has the experience and expertise in this particular field. We have associated with Chris Duggan with The Duggan Law Firm. His firm has successfully represented clients in this area for many years. The Duggan Law Firm understands the law not only on the State level, but on the Federal level as well. They have vast experience and knowledge of such issues as Federal and State  enforcement actions, property remediation or mitigation, environmental compliance . Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) related cases , acceptance into North Carolina Brownfields Program, ecology and conservation-related cases , and environmental stewardship cases.  The Duggan Law firm has assisted clients in other environmental related matters such as land use and local development. This has included permitting, planning, investigations, proposals, and remediation, and we explain all procedures in detail every step of the way.

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