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WKG Law Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement Parks are great fun for children and adults. The biggest amusement park in our area is Carowinds. In addition to Carowinds, there are carnivals and fairs all throughout North and South Carolina, where amusement rides are set-up. The owners of these amusement parks and everyone who is in charge has a duty to act with reasonable care in order to protect people who are riding on all of the rides.

Unfortunately, there are times when the design of the ride is not safe. Other times there are malfunctions on a ride that ultimately create harm and injury for the riders. Throughout the years we have handled many cases involving serious injury to individuals who have been injured on a multitude of amusement park rides. Our first concern is for the safety of all of the individuals participating on the rides.

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